The only product that is constantly monitoring the safety of your wallet, personal data and bank accounts.
You simply check and go.

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Early detection lets you take action straight away.
Your Safedome card, synced with your phone, monitors your wallet and alerts you if it's at risk.

Every two seconds an American becomes a victim of fraud

Take control and help your customers reduce the risk with Safedome.

Customizable card

Customize the card so that it meets your marketing and promotional needs.

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  • Bring your brand into your customers’ wallet and everyday transactions.
  • Increase brand loyalty and awareness.
  • Create differentiation in a competitive marketplace.
  • Use your customer base as an engine for advocacy to potential buyers.

Customizable services

Deliver more strategic value with a range of services that can be integrated
seamlessly into the app to serve your brand and offer. For example:


With integrated bank security, give your customers one place to safely connect, view and monitor all their different bank accounts.

If something needs their attention an alert is sent to them.


Your customers will only be one phone call away from receiving support that specializes in full service identity theft restoration.

Use our customer service center or your own. The choice is yours.


Provide your customers with the ability to know if one of their email addresses is at risk.

We scan millions of breached credentials. If one is compromised an alert is sent to them.

Solutions Driven

Smart Travel

The travel smart card, that lives in your wallet and syncs with your phone, monitors your wallet and alerts you if it’s at risk.

Travel insurance payments made in real time via top ups on our cards.

Smart Rewards

The rewards smart card for higher valuable customers. Connecting apps and cards with technology.

Smart Payments

The shopping smart card makes shopping on smart phones easier and much safer.

We are a MasterCard® certified supplier.

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